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7/18 Cat custody case
7/18 Australia to kill 2M ferals
7/17 Rock star helps stray
7/16 Stray had 6 legs
7/16 Acro-Cats add rock band
7/15 Yoga class with cats
7/11 Asheville approves cat café
7/10 92-year-old gets cat back
7/9 Meet the next President
7/8 Kitten & owl are best friends
7/6 New TV show about vet
7/1 Cat attacks gunman
6/25 Cat scares bear away
6/22 Blind cat loves hiking
6/20 Fearless rock-climbing cat
6/19 Cat wins Hero Dog award
6/19 Cat videos are good for you
5/13 Loudest purr in the world

Feline Feature

Cats may not be as much of a threat to wildlife as previously thought

By Tia Ghose, Washington Post
July 6, 2015

Cats may be city slickers that rarely venture out into the wilderness, a new study suggests.

Feral cats tend to roam in urban and suburban parks and yards, but they rarely set their paws down in wilder green spaces, according to the study. This is good news for wildlife, especially birds, in more rural settings, said study author George Hess, an urban conservation scientist at North Carolina State University.

“Protected areas that we put cameras out in had very few photos of cats, the implication being that there are not a lot of cats in those protected areas,” Hess said. “Bird kills in those protected areas should be lower.” Read more

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