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12/31 Cat photography becomes career
12/30 Cat burglar strikes again
12/30 Robot entertains your cats
12/28 Dog saves injured cat
12/28 Cat burglars steal Christmas
12/20 Cat saves owner from arson
12/17 Man steals $200,000 for cat food
12/12 Cat scares gator away
12/11 The purrfect holiday gift

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Feline Features

Sheriff targets woman who reported cat abuse

An Illinois woman said her local sheriff is targeting her for trying to report what she believed was a despicable crime.

Lawanda Amanda Klaas snapped a photo after seeing a dead cat tied to the back bumper of a pickup truck and put it up on Facebook.

Calhoun County Sheriff Bill Heffington told her to take it down and to apologize to the truck’s owner. Read more

Albequerque, New Mexico vet clinic accepts bitcoin

Vetco, a veterinary clinic in Albuquerque, NM, is the first vet clinic in the United States to start accepting the virtual currency bitcoin for veterinary services.

Clinic owner Cindy Houghton said, "We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get their pets vaccinated, spayed and neutered."

Vetco is using Bitpay mobile checkout. "I like that the processing fees are lower than credit card fees," said Houghton. Read more

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